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Wash water management is a critical issue for anyone using a pressure washer, whether on a mobile rig, using a portable unit at your business or washing away grime on a job site. Many areas are subject to environmental water control and discharge regulations meaning that any waste water needs to be contained and properly disposed of or treated before being released into public drain systems.

Fortunately, Hotsy has introduced a new piece of equipment to make capturing and treating wash water easier than ever – the RC Series electric transfer pump.

Collect Wash Water with Ease

Hotsy’s new wash water recovery solution is a 120V transfer pump that can transfer wash water at a rate of 30 gallons per minute to an attached waste water holding tank. The unit itself holds up to 27 gallons of water, meaning the RC Series can also be used alone on low volume jobs and taken for later treatment without an on-site holding tank. It includes a 50-foot high-temperature hose with scupper head, making it easy to capture wash water.

Portable and Convenient

The RC Series electric transfer pump is also designed to be portable for easy use on any job. It is easy to fit into a mobile wash trailer design thanks to its compact design, and the bolt-on mounting system can also be used instead to connect optional caster wheels to add mobility for working on flat, even surfaces. Not using either feature? The unit also features integrated molded handles on either side for convenient carrying.

Simple Cleanout

At the top of the unit is a quick access point that houses a convenient filter basket where large solid waste materials are deposited for simple disposal. At the bottom of the RC Series is a drain port, providing access to release any sludge that has settled out of the wash water.

Convenient Controls and Connections

The unit is also designed to be easy to operate. The three-stage vacuum motor is controlled using simple curb side controls at the top of the unit. In addition, the RC Series features a 15-foot power cord to provide an extended reach to connect to electricity. The transfer pump can also be powered on the go from a 3,500-watt portable generator.

Priority on Safety

In addition to all the above features, the RC Series was also designed with safety and durability in mind. The high-density polyethylene recovery tank is UV protected and offers both thermal and chemical resistance to increase usable life. It also features a high-water shutdown system, designed to power down the unit in case of blockages or overflow. The unit is also rated to use with water as hot as 120°F, and can be used with both hot-water pressure washers or surface cleaners.

Control the Flow of Wash Water

At Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis, we can also help you manage wash water on the job with water control accessories. Our team can help you with drain cover kits to prevent unintentional runoff while allowing for collection at a natural low point on the job site, as well as mobile water booms and water dikes that can direct water to a central point – perfect for strategic placement of the RC Series.

Find the Right Equipment to CLEAN

The RC Series wash water recovery system is just one of the many tools available to help you work CLEAN – more effectively, efficiently and safely on every job. Our goal is to help make your work as simple as possible through offering the right equipment for the job, scheduled maintenance to help keep your machines running right every time and regularly scheduled replenishment options to ensure you always have the detergents you need. Learn how Hotsy Pressure Washers of Memphis can help you with wash water management – and so much more – by contacting us today.

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