Pressure Washer Replacement Parts & Accessories In Stock

For pressure washer replacement parts, Hotsy of Memphis is the best choice. We keep a well stocked inventory of parts for most pressure washers. If we don’t have the part you need, we’ll order it in and have it directly shipped to you. In addition, we have service trucks on the road that carry the most commonly needed pressure washer replacement parts, often performing on-site installations.

Our in-stock selection of pressure washer parts includes:

Bushing Reducers
Coupling Reducers
Filters Gauges
Float Valves
Flow Control Valve
Fuel Nozzles
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Strainers
Garden Hose Adapters
Gas Regulators
Hose Nipples
Inline Strainers
Lances (pressure cleaning wands)
Pipe Elbows
Piston Pumps
Plunger Pumps
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Switch
Quick Couplers
Quick Start Valves
Relief Valves
Swing Check Valve
Tee Pipes
Throttle Controllers
Trigger Guns (gun jets)
Unloader Valves
Watts Regulator
Wayne Burner Tune-Up Kit


Pressure Washer Accessories:
Aside from parts, we also offer a line of accessories for pressure washers that will help you clean much faster. These include the following popular items:

Flat surface cleaner is great for cleaning surfaces such as driveways, parking garages and sidewalks. Similar to pushing a lawn mower, a surface cleaner attaches to either a hot or cold water pressure washer, cutting the cleaning time dramatically.

Turbo Nozzle – removes tough build-up and grime deeper and faster by using a pencil thin spray rotary pattern to clean more aggressively. These accessories are designed to speed your cleaning, which is not only time saving, but labor saving.

High Pressure Hose and Hose Reels – affixes to a pressure washer or mount on a wall in a wash bay. Keep your high pressure hose neat and orderly when not in use, and free from accidental damage. Available in fixed or pivot reel designs.

Sandblaster kits attach to a pressure washer and can be used to remove paint, corrosion, scale build up and coatings from equipment in no time.

Telescoping Wands – attach to your pressure washer to clean tall buildings easily. Lances can extend up to 24 ft.

Foamers – attach to your lance to deliver detergent in a thick foam to increase dwell time and better cleaning penetration.

To see other videos on our accessories, visit our Video Library. For pressure washer parts and accessories, one call does it all! Contact Hotsy of Memphis at 901-379-0550.