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Ripper II Advanced Formula is the answer to your extra heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing needs. Highly concentrated Ripper II Advanced Formula is the big brother to Ripper I Advanced Formula and is excellent for “Ripping” the extra tough grease and dirt from heavy machinery, engines, off-the-road equipment, fifth wheels, drag lines and cranes. Can be used for special situations on floors, buildings, and concrete. Equally tackles extra challenging petroleum, plant and animal-based grease and oil. Ripper II Advanced Formula has a combination of ingredients that rapidly penetrate and remove dirt, oil, grease and other soils. Ripper II Advanced Formula contains water-softening agents, alkaline builders, and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Ripper II Advanced Formula is safe for use on metals and most surfaces when used as directed. Easy to use and quick rinsing.

Light Soil 1:60 to Moderate Soil 1:40 to 1:
Heavy Soil 1:20 to 1:40

Ripper II


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SKU: D-89297630-5, SKU: D-89297630-SB, SKU: D-89297630-SB-Tote,
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