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Microfiber Pad


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Microfiber pad Type

COARSE, 130mm (5″), COARSE, 160mm (6″), COARSE, 85mm (3″), FINE, 130mm (5″), FINE, 160mm (6″), FINE, 85mm (3″), ULTRAFINE, 130mm (5″), ULTRAFINE, 160mm (6″), ULTRAFINE, 85mm (3″)

SKU: RU-9.MF130H/12, SKU: RU-9.MF160H/12, SKU: RU-9.MF80H/12, SKU: RU-9.MF130M/12, SKU: RU-9.MF160M/12, SKU: RU-9.MF80M/12, SKU: RU-9.MF130S/12, SKU: RU-9.MF160S/12, SKU: RU-9.MF80S/12,

Boost the cutting power for finishing on hard paint with the D-A ULTRA-FINE Microfiber Polishing Pads.

The unique microfiber polishing material, combined with an extremely soft foam interface, allows this pad to boost the defect removing power of ultra-fine polishes, like RUPES UNO Pure, while still delivering a consistent and clear finish on medium-to-hard clear coats.

Use with RUPES UNO Protect to remove moderate defects, polish the surface, and deposit durable polymer protection in one easy step.

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