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Breakthrough! Advanced Formula is an ideal general purpose cleaner. Extremely effective in cleaning stainless steel, aluminum, glass, concrete, plastic and painted surfaces. Highly versatile and effective for cleaning equipment, cars, trucks, buses, RV’s, trailers, tractors, buildings and much more. This highly concentrated detergent tackles built up oil and grease yet is gentle enough for fine finishes found on cars and in general cleaning. Works well in cold water and even better in with hot water. Breakthrough! Advanced Formula is also perfect for use as a pre-soak or pre-spray in more challenging situations.

Light Soil 1:100 t 0
Moderate Soil 1:50 to 1: 0
Heavy Soil 1:25 to 1:50

Breakthrough Advanced


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SKU: D-89319660-5, SKU: D-89319660-SB, SKU: D-89319660-Tote SB,
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