Need to clean but want to conserve water? Choose the Optima Steamer

In water restricted areas, consider the Optima Steamer, which uses less water and produces no waste water run-off. Remove stains, odors, grease, bacteria, mold & fungi quickly and easily while using no chemicals. The Optima Steamer will minimize your cleaning process, ultimately saving labor.

Steamers are easy to use, compact and are available in diesel or electric models. Thanks to the non-idling burner, the machine minimizes emissions, noise and fuel consumption. The Optima Steamer™ DMF includes a dual spray gun system, which means 2 operators can clean at the same time, still without a loss in steam pressure, heat, or power.

Commercial-grade stainless steel models are ideal for the food and beverage industries. Storage tanks used to hold fruit juice, wine, beer and other food are often made of stainless steel because of its corrosion resistance and antibacterial properties. This also influences its use in commercial kitchens and food processing plants, as it can be steam-cleaned and sterilized without any chemical products.

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